Blade Runner: The Final Cut R

Poster of Blade Runner: The Final Cut
Still ofBlade Runner: The Final Cut Play Trailler
Futuristic sci-fi thriller (presented in 4K Digital) about a world in which androids (“replicants”) serve humans and “blade runners” (Harrison Ford) track down renegade replicants. 25 years after the film’s 1982 release director Ridley Scott created this definitive Final Cut (minus the much-maligned voice-over of the original). Sean Young plays the enigmatic, alluring Rachel. (“She’s a replicant, isn’t she?”) Rated R

SciFi/Fantasy, Drama
1 hr. 57 min.
Opened Friday, October 5th

Ridley Scott

Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Sean Young, Edward James Olmos, M. Emmet Walsh, Daryl Hannah, William Sanderson, Brion James, Joe Turkel, Joanna Cassidy

Philip K. Dick, Hampton Fancher